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 We do what we do to connect humans, and to work with the best people to tell the best stories



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Hi, we’re Matt and Candace Gross, and we’re much less gross than our name (we promise!). We started YELLOWHISTLE in order to combine our love for marketing and business with our desire to help companies grow and succeed in the marketplace. From producing promotional material at Viacom Media Networks, non-profit organizations and production companies, to creating award-winning marketing content at the university level, we now use our experience and hustle to work hard for the clients we serve every day at YELLOWHISTLE.

We believe marketing is about illuminating how your products and services will improve people’s lives. There shouldn’t be anything salesy, boring or unwelcoming about it. We do what we do to connect humans, and to work with the best people to tell the best stories.



Our team is comprised of a diverse group of creatives from designers and photographers to programmers, Facebook marketers and more, all focused on helping you be seen, heard and understood by the audience you desire.

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Coloring Outside the Lines

Who needs rules, anyways? We believe that creativity takes optimism and courage. We’re not afraid to take risks, be innovative or stand out from the crowd (we actually prefer it that way!)

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Wearing Our True Colors

Because bland is boring. By having integrity and being genuine and honest, we produce content that we and our clients are proud of. Plus, we won’t have any skeletons hiding away in the closet. Maybe a cat though...

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Bringing Color to Others’ Lives

We simply love people and want to add more value to relationships than we ask for in return. We refuse to view anyone as a number, statistic, or a dollar bill. We’re kind of obsessed with our clients and helping them succeed.

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